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Jul 13, 2017

SDCC: Wrath of CON.


It is one week until San Diego Comic Con and I keep getting more and more questions about why I go and what I will be doing while in town! Lets start with what I can't wait to do while in San Diego for the Con:

1) For the first time since 2015 WE'RE GOING TO A TAPING OF CONAN! Last minute a late night Thursday show was added so we will be attending and ready to trade a pop vinyl because we still have duplicates from the first time we went. Every day the audience takes home one of these coveted vinyls. They resell for a lot of money but we keep ours bc we have a little collection going.

2) Mr. Robot is having a cool citywide activation. You won't understand what I am about to say if you don't watch the show. Ecorp will have a fake bank to pick up an Ecorp card loaded with cryptocurrency. It can actually be used around the city for food, drinks and other surprises. I love Mr. Robot and lost my t-shirt from last year so this will make up for it... maybe.

3)MTV Fanfest. There are no MTV awards this year but they will be having the Fandom Fest still. I think this year is cohosted by doritos. Its basically a giant block party. There will be music but the artists have not been announced yet. Big Boi is already performing at pepsi fanfest and the Black Eyed Peas are in town to promote their comic (that no one asked for). I WOULD DIE if Childish Gambino performed (even though I've seen him 3 times now) but hey.
4) Ever since snowpocalypse one of my main channels has been Viceland... Well they are here, and they have a party bus:
The bus is fully loaded with wifi, snack, drinks, giveaways and a few surprises. Special guests are popping in all week and I can only hope they drag Desus and Mero into the mix.
5) Fxperience. FX is home to Atlanta one of my favorite TV shows. Congrats to them in leading with Emmy nominations!!! This zone features Atlanta with a unique photo booth inspired by breakout series Atlanta  and plays off the series’ mix of surreal elements with hyper-real themes. Once inside, participants will be able to capture shareable videos of themselves walking up walls and treading on the ceiling as they experience life from every perspective. The Strain and Snowfall are also featured. I'm shocked to not find American Horror Story on this list.

* Bonus thing is this the Netflix first time having a booth! I love Stranger Things so I am hoping to get an early drop on Season 2! Black Mirror, the OA and of course 13 reasons why are also on my mind. Oh... And unrelated to Netflix... BLACK PANTHER. I. CAN'T. WAIT.

I obviously LOVE TV and MOVIES. San Diego Comic Con definitely has a place for comics, but at the end of the day, comics inspire most of the TV shows and movies people love. Spiderman, Avengers, Riverdale, etc... Its a cool place to interact with all of the studios that produce not only the newest seasons of shows and movies, but also vendors, and video game companies. I discovered Bait (a streetwear/sneaker shop) while attending in 2014 and since then they have opened so many store locations including shops in Portland and Seattle.

No. I look like a hypebeast and to be honest... there are a fair amount of hypebeasts at the con. Of course you run into people in Cosplay but to be honest... that is its own convention. People show up dressed at Comic Con because of how much press coverage it gets, most of the really unique costumes will end up on TV. Every year it's crazy how many interviews or things I see on TV later that I also go to see at the con.

Well, if you can see by my list, that is only 5 things on my plate. Name a TV show or Movie and a party exists for it. Name a TV show or a Movie and that studio will either have a panel with the stars or producers, autograph signings,  or premier a never before seen trailer. Every year we see something from the Walking Dead or Game of Thrones before anyone else. There are many lines to experience anything but everything is so interactive its easy to find so much to do during these 4 days. We like breaking up actually going inside the convention and doing the offsites because it can be overwhelming. San Diego is so beautiful so its fun to walk around downtown when we can.

The more research I do, the more excited I get! I hope to see some of you there and as always I can't wait to blog about all 4 days!



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