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Aug 28, 2017

Heartbreaks, Hurricanes, and Hope

It makes me so sad to sit by and watch what is happening in my beautiful city. I've been streaming fox26 because CNN and the weather channel are so dramatic. Local news is what I needed. So it typically rains about 50 inches a year... almost 25 inches have already fallen. An additional 20 are coming. This is over a span of 7 days.... this is bad. I see a lot of comments on social media that say things along the line of "Well it rains all the time you should have been prepared." No infrastructure is prepared for 50 inches of rain. Every creek, bank, reservoir and bayou are full. A years worth of rain is falling in one week. I can't wrap my head around it. I keep seeing places that I know just submerged and we are halfway through the storm.

While my friends are stuck, I want to give you all a playlist of things to binge watch because when I was less dramatically snowed in, humor on TV was the one thing to lift me up when I was alone and dealing with something that scared me. It's a good break from the news:

DESUS AND MERO (on demand or vice, some episodes are on Youtube)

GUYS, they are sooooo funny. They discuss current events but are for the culture and so funny.
Issa mess. Issa is also the name of the main character and if you have ever dated anyone ever you will enjoy this season and really get a laugh out of these girlfriend misadventures. 
Friends from College (Netflix)
Looking at the cast you can just tell this show is great. The plot is actually really fucked up, but its soooo good. I watched the whole thing in one day.

It's late and I can only think of 3, but it's a good 3! Give them a watch.

I am so sorry for everyone that are trying to just honestly hunker down during this time. The news is calling this is 500 year flood already. H-town will rise, it will take a moment to get it together. I'm keeping you all in my prayers because the recovery is not going to be easy.
I also saw a lot of notes about evacuating the city. I actually agree with Mayor Turner, it was safer at that point to remain in place than stuck on highways with no gas, food or water. There is not a true accurate way to predict hurricane paths. This hurricane hit Corpus. It happened to send rain bands to Houston which was expected but no one expected 50 inches of rain. But the time the path was projected for Houston there was no way to put 6 million cars on the road. People not even from the south are saying this is like Katrina. Its not the same thing. Houston was not hit by a hurricane, this is a case of flash floods and hovering rain bands. 24 hours was not enough time to get everyone out of town. I am so happy to see that southern hospitality is a thing. Cajun army is here, neighbors are helping neighbors. We need each other. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

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