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Nov 20, 2017


Create & Cultivate Portland was the same week as complexcon and I never got to share this event with you! It was great timing because it brings up a great concept: collaboration not competition. I've been dealing with some adversity at work and I finally am at a point where I just realize I'm always going to make someone mad. Even when it's not my fault. I am a black female in corporate America. I will always piss people off just by existing, so existing and making waves is a formula for some hateful vibes. There are people that will be mad based on insecurity and jealousy, and there are some people that embrace my disruption. The people cheering me on are the ones I am interested in investing time with. The people upset with your waves are people you don't want in your presence. There are ones that cheer you on to your face, but behind your back wish you fail beyond the things they are comfortable of doing. 
My advice is to keep collaborating with the right people and forget the competition. 
Create & Collaborate was a good night to be around other entrepreneurial minded women encouraging each other. The theme was tech but the values were definitely applicable in any field.

After the event they had voodoo doughnuts, drinks and food. The salmon salad was so good. I was pretty shocked they even had food but thankfully it was really good. Below is one of my co-workers that went with me along with her other friend (not pictured.) 
Collaboration over competition. 


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