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Dec 4, 2017


Do you consider animal crackers cookies or crackers? Regardless, they are my favorite ever though I can only eat like 3 before feeling sick. My other favorite? Macarons. When i went to NY I stopped into Laudree and got my entire life. It was snowing, everything was quiet and super chic. I loved it. For cookie day, the idea of marrying the two is ICONIC. I need to try this recipe from Sarah Makes Stuff. It looks amazing.

I've never made macarons before in fear that I would burn them all. Do you even bake macarons? She even has a recipe for cheesecake parfaits. I can make these without messing this up. Can I have an excuse to throw a little party? Do I even need a party excuse? No.

We had a cookie decorating party yesterday and I think I am over cookies/brownies for a while. I had maybe 5 today and I am feeling it... Can't eat sweets like I used too.


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