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Dec 2, 2017

HELLO DECEMBER | Everyone Nose

OK Blogmas is off to a slow start! Yes and no--but I can't talk about it yet.
What I can talk about is TODAY IS CANDLE DAY at Bath and Body Works. I only bought 4, mostly because I was upset that there was no additional coupon that would stack. If you have not gone to get you candles yet, go! They are my favorite and a house staple. I always have a candle on.
I have this thing with scents, I'm not sure why. A lot of them are tied to memory and a lot of them just make me happy. When Kim Kardashian announced she was releasing perfumes with a gardenia note I knew I had to have it.

I am super late on reporting on this line, so you guys have seen it. I just finally got mine in the mail and my only regret is not ordering the larger size. It gets hard when it comes to online only scents... but I took a bet on the fact that I love gardenia and that Kim K looks like she smells really good.
Crystal Gardenia has top notes of waterlily and is crisp and light. There are two more variants in this collection from KKW that feature citrus and eud notes.

A few fragrance rules:
1) Less is more!
2)Start with a single spray
3)Apply directly to skin, not clothes. Chest, beck and behind the ears are the best places the body naturally heats to slowly release fragrance. 
4)Apply to dry skin after a shower
5)Don't waste fragrance with that stupid cloud technique
6)Do not rub!

I linked a few of my favorite other scents below!


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