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Feb 4, 2018


I normally start the month with saying how I can't believe it's already said month... but OMG JANUARY WAS SOOOOO LONNGG. I've actually ok with it. Can time slow TF down for like five seconds? So to torture myself some more, I am starting both BBG and 80 day obsession...
Also today on my blog I'm going to talk about my love for frosted flakes and how they are having a moment in the dessert world right now:

If you follow me on twitter I have shared these at some point. My earliest intro to frosted flakes on dessert was on this boba mix. Cornflakes, popcorn, and caramel really made for the perfect crunch. We already know I love boba, so this was a given. 
I broke the news (it seems) on twitter that lucky charms and frosted flakes have a collab! I like it better than normal lucky charms. I hope they keep it around. If not, you know my fat ass has a bag of just lucky charms marshmallows. I'll throw them into frosted flakes on my own if needed. Until then, this is probably the only thing I am ok with eating on my new diet.
And last but not least, this churro ice cream from Ridges in LA. This was topped with frosted flakes and caramel. Have I just never known that was a combination? I really need to go back to CA this year and go on a few more foodie adventures. I have no clue what else is out there because I keep finding these things by mistake. 
Have you seen frosted flakes make a dessert appearance?


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