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Feb 21, 2018

Kendra Scott Mood Board

I am kind of obsessed with Kendra Scott's new spring collection. There are a lot of people that collect these pieces that hate it because they look "unfinished" but I love how out of the box and boho this collection is. I was getting bored with just color updates and no new shapes. I think these are super cute!

It's snowing in PDX and this mood board makes me want it to be spring already. I haven't gone to work all week and it's Wednesday! It looks like tomorrow won't be a good day to come in either. The struggle is real. I don't understand driving on ice. I know people that do it but I am just not here for that. I am luckily able to work from home so my couch has been my desk. It's so much harder to do spreadsheets, trust me working from home is overrated. Its great for people that have children or just the ability to not be forced to consume a vacation day because of weather! Anyway, I'm here for spring and these boho vibes.

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