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Apr 17, 2018


I AM BACK! I am jet lagged but I am so happy to have gone to my homeland and hang out with my family, city hop, eat good food, and just relax. My first 2 week vacation ever. Thats right. I have never been allowed to go on a 2 week vacation before, so I am extra thankful to not only have the ability to go, but also have the encouragement to take time off to myself. So where do we start? Let's start where my vacation started: MANILA.

I was born in Manila, Philippines. I lived in PH for like maybe a year and then moved to the US. I have been back to PH 4 times now, and it changes so much everytime. I am also much older now since the last time I went, but that didn't mean I didn't want to be a kid and eat desserts and play in instagram heaven. My cousin works for the Conrad Hotel in Pasay City which is just off the Mall of Asia, and also on top of the Dessert Museum. Because of my travel schedule I landed in PH before my mom, so Cyn-cha and I both had a stay at the Conrad and a mouthwatering tour of the Museum.
The Doughnut room starts out with a slide. You slide into the museum. 

A bathtub full of gummy bears is actually kind of an amazing thing. After the gummy bear room we headed into the cotton candy room. When they spun cotton candy the sprinkled it with powdered milk. I was very confused but the flavor wasn't bad. I don't prefer it that way, but it was a unique experience. 
It was really fun! If you find yourself in Manila I recommend going. 8 rooms and 6 desserts later I was a happy tourist.

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