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Apr 26, 2018

UNIQLO : Doraemon X Murakami

We all know I love a good tshirt from Uniqlo. I love how they can collab with the best artists and still charge $14.90 for a shirt. My love for Takashi Murakami dates back to elementary school but growing up I couldn't really afford anything from him. This collaboration with Uniqlo is going to make my closet soooo happy. It's actually a double collab with Murakami and Doraemon. Doraemon is a manga that has been made into a pretty successful anime and sitcom. The first time I went back to the Philippines, again when I was in elementary school, I saw Doraemon everywhere similar to how Hello Kitty is branded on everything. I thought it was so cute but he's not as popular here in the US. 

I definitely want a few shirts. I typically don't buy plush because I am an adult and also my dog would destroy them. Put 5/24 in your calendars!

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