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Sep 9, 2018

Ashlee Simpson Style Log.

Over the begining of summer I rewatched the Ashlee Simpson Show and I got my life. Not sure why high school me was so obsessed but I was. I had no clue she had a NEW show coming out but sis has been around promoting it and SHE LOOKS GREAT. She's also serving as body goals because I am trying to lose weight and she's had like 5 kids and looks grand.

Her blazer, co-ord sets are everything. BRB, adding blazers to my thrift list. I am here for this.
Her new shoe Ashlee and Evan is on E! and premiered on Sun Sep 9. Her and her husband are working on new music and are just so cute, I am excited to watch the show and see more of her style.
I am bringing the 00's back.



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