Nov 21, 2008

Bobby trendy

Bobby Trendy never looks trendy.
He's a label whore,
and he's best known for being anna nicole's stylist/ BFF.
Anna Nicole,
I mean yea she's dead,
but when she was alive she wasn't cool then either.

Nov 17, 2008


The new Britney Album is am-ah-zing
Her last Album blackout was good,
But if you liked it you will love Circus :D

Haahaa, "if you seek amy" is my new favorite song...
Its a play on words
If You Seek Amy = F.U.C.K Me
So shes really saying
"All of the boys and all
of the girls are begging to
if(f) you(u) seek(c) (k)amy(me)"

.lolol.Clever :D It was produced my lil john,
maybe that explains it.

My favorite time of the year also includes:

Yay, The weather outside is wonderful :D

I love it,

it needs to be like 30's.


Im not gonna lie last year wasn't that great,

the Spice girls Lip synched,

Heidi sang with seal...


Dec 3rd, 10 ET (wtv that means) CBS

Oh goodness

This has been up for like a month already.
Im like dying to enter,
So hurry the f-word up.

Nov 15, 2008

My favorite time of the year,

I love Christmas,
That might be an understatement.
But seriously Its not the gifts, its the spirit,
Well, i do love wrapping presents and making them pretty...
But anyways This also means Neiman marcus FANTASY PReSENTS :D

So How about buying a apiece of the Dallas Cowboys endzone?
The Dallas Cowboys are playing their last season at Texas Stadium before moving to their new stadium in Arlington. After the final game, crews will cut out the artificial turf end zone, roll it up and install it in the purchaser's yard, where the bravado and touchdown dancing can commence.
The other end zone is being sold in pieces. For those with end zone envy, Neiman Marcus will put some bright blue turf in a framed collage and sell it as part of a limited edition of 380, to celebrate 38 seasons – and seven NFL championships – at Texas Stadium.

Oh, It has a price tage of $500,000.00*

Macbook air's are about to weight less than air.

Mac is currently working on reducing the weight of theMacbook Air. The move would reportedly raise production costs but shave upwards of a 100 grams off the notebook, dropping its weight from a hair over 3 pounds (or 1363 grams) to 2.78 pounds (or 1263 grams). The Notebook will shed a few pounds by replacing the Air's lower aluminum case, or bottom cover, with one constructed from carbon fiber. Surprizingly most of the weight is from the aluminum bottom, but the carbon fiber replacement will look exactly the same.
If this move will raise costs, i still dont get who will want to buy it, A 3lb notebook isn't on my must have list, but im not a lazy american... so IDK.
I guess.

Nov 4, 2008

Chanel take over, the breaks over.

So the "R" word hits Chanel hard,
and you have to be to afford all bags next season,
they decided to increase the price of their duds by 20%
not a big deal until you realize $2,500 bags now cost somewhere around $3,200.
cool, cool.
SO buy it all now,
alllll now.