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Jan 18, 2009


I am on the hunt,

sandal boots,

im over gladiator sandals....

for now anyway.

I want sandal boots and i will almost stop at nothing to find a pair.


oh man i want them badly.

Jan 16, 2009

FTW-Crew: Berlin Photoshop

paste ups are my favorites,
this one is by FTW,
they imposed Britney Spears, Leona Lewis, and Christina Agulera together,
next to an active photoshop window...


Jan 6, 2009

Stephen Sprouse

Expect bags, scarves, leggings, etc - all in a Marc x Sprouse way.

welovesprouse.com will launch the same day it will “feature a mix of interviews with people who knew Sprouse, including Debbie
Harry, Candy Pratts Price and Patricia Field. In the clips, they muse on their
relationship with Sprouse, and his lasting influence on the fashion and art
worlds. There will also be a feature called Scrawl the Wall, where visitors can
post comments, and a special section on Sprouse’s New York, highlighting some of
the artist’s favorite haunts in the city.”

I pixel heart these

Pixel Heart pins made out of legos,
they're from Dee and Ricky, twins and fashionistos.
Marc Jacobs has even used these in the spring 08 runway,
they retail for $65,

yea gayyy,
when they first came out they we're $20.
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