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Mar 25, 2010


Random picture post.
Lets see. I have nothing to blog about.
haha, I started my sewing project,
Im signing up to classes today.
I guess i'm a bit worried i wont get in to the classes i need. If the spots are full i won't graduate on time :/
on the good side im getting a scholarship!
we'll see HOPEFULLY i will have good news to share about my class selections tomorrow.


Planet Koda said...

I dont know why,,,,
But, I really like that picture(:

And the first girls shoes are really cool too(:


Anonymous said...

i really like that picture!


Jevon said...

What happened with the college post thing? haha
I still like this post. The Photos are sickk

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

what did you get your scholarship on???

Jevon said...

Mhmm.. Sure you did. :P. lol. Well I'll be waiting on that post

Betty and Veronica said...

Great pictures! Congrats on the scholarship!!!


Lorraine (luhreyn) said...

I love these photos :) Congratulations on the scholarship!

J. said...

Is that Lady Gaga in pastel?

Congrats on your scholarship!

MalibuMara said...

@j. yes it is, she is wonderful

and thank you all for the congrats,
its bt 200-$1,000 im not even sure how much i will even get but i will find out may 2nd.

Bubu said...


Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.


1 Dope Kidd said...

coool pics
...and guess what i got accepted to SCAD!
i will post it up later.
but i havent been on in awhile lol

Anonymous said...

Those nails are FIERCE - who might they belong to? :-)


Panty Buns said...

I LOVE Lady Gaga! Those are some incredibly fancy nails in the next photo. Is that Madonna in the photo after that? I love her too. Seeing that rack of glittery outfits reminded me first of wardrobe backstage and then of the jacket in the movie "Desperately Seeking Susan". Great pics.

Anonymous said...

Those NAILS are SICK lol

Carina Joana said...

That pic is soo amazing!

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