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Mar 28, 2010


I guess this is the new section of my blog bc im so lazy on Sundays,
I am posting the COLLEGE GUIDE tomorrow and it will be up till Wednesday, so i wont be updating as often next week UNLESS i find something AMAZING. The guide looks sooo GOOD, can't wait for you too see it.

This Sunday KODA has made a cutie of the day and he asked a bunch of things im SURE you don't know yet so CHECK IT OUT.

Also i got a few awards:
Kimee gave me

andFashionWh0re gave me ^^^

AND about yesterday, I didn't get a chance to go to the Tim Gunn Show. Long story short, there are more fashion shows in 2 weeks so i decided when i make my trip to houston i will go then instead of wasting it on ONE show. This way i can go to about 10 :)
 Im sad i didn't see Tim Gunn but they uploaded these (TINY) photos.

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