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Apr 16, 2010

Brooklyn is Burning

I Freaking LOVE this jewelry.
I want it ALL.

Photography: Matt Irwin
Styling: Katie Shillingford
Makeup: Georgina Graham @ CLM
Hair: Tomo Jidai @ Red Root
Models: Alice Dellal, Lizzy Jagger, Eliza Cummings, Emma Chitty, Billy Howard

I Did some thinking. I was trying to figure where to take my internship, and it dawned on me. MALIBU,CALIFORNIA. Lol, if you didn't know I'm from Houston, Texas and got this nickname like 6 years ago on, #throwback, MYSPACE. SO it has stuck and here I am, and i think its fitting. It would be great, YES i would like to be in New York, But if that doesn't work out... MALIBU sounds like a dope destination.

Shoutout to Jay from JaytheofficialFliistar Its his B-day so check him own. he's been down with this blog for a while so i decided to give him a shoutout :)


J. said...

Malibu sounds great...the weather will make you much happier! Love that choice!

And I love the rose thorn necklace, so different!

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

really dope jewerly

Justin said...

Those gloves are dope! Pretty much all the jewlery is crazy.. Hope you'll go to NY or Malibu :) would be sick.

Sara said...

super... sick!!! and uhh eehh yaa you are going to Malibu miss Mara? No doubt! Or as 2pac says it, california knows how to party. Tru dat!

Urban Fashionisto said...

Thank You soooo much Mara this is soo great! You made my bday so much better! Wow thank u!

Chay Chay said...

hey! I mean Malibu is JUST as good, New York might be your NEXT BIG step girl...it'll ALL work out!
Side Note: you're from Houston?! Well alriiiight! I'm from Dallas! TEXAS GIRLS ; )

Olive said...

Awwh, that shout out was super cute!
And all of that jewelry makes me die!

Panty Buns said...

i think i might think twice before letting women wearing jewelry like that tie me up for play because the thoughts going with the jewelry are just slightly scary. Pretty and still attractive though.

[$ H A R O N A] said...

the photos are hot too!


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