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Apr 24, 2010

Random Saturdays.

I NEVER post things i see on HIGHsnobiety, but I saw this, and saw NAIMA MORA and had to! She is my fave model from ANTM. Absolutely gorgeous.

Im so ready for summer. I need to sign up for summer classes, I feel behind because I haven't done that but I got some time. I just need to take philosophy. I want to do it online, or as a mini-mester.
Life is starting to fall into place. and I am happy. SOOO since I only work in the summer, I buy a ridic amount of stuff,  and I make this HUGE list. I'll be posting it next week, and I'm sure you'll want like half of it too!
SHOUTOUT to we the urban for hookin me up with an interview! Check them out they're hella dope!

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