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Apr 5, 2010

Walking and Talking

And her.

school SCHOOL school school SCHOOL SCHOOL
LOL, I have the interview sometime this week, and it makes me nervous, the good news is the fashion dept has set aside a scholarship for the person who doesn't get the larger one. SOOO at least i get something... ALSO i have learned my computer needs to be replaced. The disk drive is broken i have an acer. Long story short acers are built retarded so they break. HOPEFULLY i can buy a new computer with my scholarship money. There isn't a BIG problem with this one yet, so until then im still using it. AND HELLO my blog would die without me updating it!

Im really trying to make it better, im going to try to get sample stuff to review, some giveaways, and maybe some merch! SO get excited :)


Unknown said...

oh thats a nice bag whose it from?

& we have the same life....SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL :)

Panty Buns said...

I agree! That bag is really nice. I wonder how much stuff from SCHOOL school SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL would fit in there in addition to all kinds of wonderful makeup and essentials. Hope you have a relaxed alert interview and that your computer situation works out okay.

Rock Couture said...

Love the bag!!!!

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

a lot of people have been rockin the fur tail thing

J. said...

That bag is gorgeous!

Christaa Babbyy said...

I Love the bag also is it Louis Vuitton? thats what it looks like the new purse collection has a lot of furs and feathers like the fur tail shown in this picture..

-Christa Melonae

Jordan T. Dilwood said...

that bag looks alive.lol great bag love the post check out tommys new post on the fashionist

kimee said...

i loveeed this collection. louie is my hero

Urban Fashionisto said...

the bag is fire!
I hope you do good on your interview!
I need a laptop desperately, but I doubt I will get one for my birthday (april 16th :-)) because I also need a new lense for my camera= $$$. But I rather get a new lense because I wanted to do photoshoots to get some extra cash and I am applying for a job starting saturday

Rosevelt Macintosh. said...

that's a bad baggg!!!!!

Morgan said...

owWw that bag is def hott! I love Victoria Beckham too but damn someone give that girl a burger

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