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Apr 6, 2010

Monochrome and Monotone

JK, i think,
i get told i do.. lol.

This is my fave, i LOVE Cheshire cat!

YAY good news guys... BUT ITS A SURPRIZE.


J. said...

Such cool art! Where are these from?

Planet Koda said...

Woww, all of those are amazing!!

sooo sickk (:

Christaa Babbyy said...

this is sweet Mara! i really like it i emailed you.. and you are now on my sidebar thanks for inspiring me !


Panty Buns said...

@ J. : If you open the images in another window you'll see the titles, that the beautiful pieces of Alice in Wonderland artwork is by Somefield and that titles are: Alice and tha Caterpillar; Alice and the Dutchess; Alice and the Hatter; Alice and the Tweedles; Cheshire Cat, and; Down the Rabbit Hole.
@ the lovely Malibu Mara: Congratulations on your good news surprise! It wouldn't by any chance be related to a scholarship essay would it? (hope, hope).

Anonymous said...

that is some really dope art right there, the second one ind of got into my mind and got me thinking of something. nice post.

Unknown said...

cool paintings i like the 3rd&4th one

i love surprises LOL

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

nice art i like it

Rock Couture said...

Amazing art!!

MalibuMara said...

thanks guys :)
Panty really answered what J asked,
also my good news is a wonderful jewelry review :) more news on that later though :)

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