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Apr 8, 2010

SOOO the verdict is in.. kind of.

Basically I am in my second year of college, she only gives the scholarship to people in their third.
This is really lame.
its smaller, like $1-3,000 range. POSSIBLY. so idk, im happy with that, thats like my tuition anyway...
Plus the little $250-$500 i may get from the other one.

Yes, i made a video blog, but i'm crying so i don't want to show it :/ sorry.
But do enjoy Milla Jovovich

PS yes I am sad but she told me to come back next year and also talked to me about internships and that i should go somewhere... big. So yea, she was really nice and basically told me I will be successful so I am happy :) ...in that aspect.


Christaa Babbyy said...

Good job Mara!

Morgan said...

yea it sucks...Juniors get all tha perks...smh.
But congrats anyway!
And im sure u will be successful...DREAM BIG*

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Urban Fashionisto said...

aw man! don't worry I have been there before. I ended up having to fund raise to go to a summer business program. I am waiting on a scholarship now for a paid internship and a 1 week trip to washington for a leadership conference.
I am praying for this lol
but Tamara your going places don't worry sheesh lol

Panty Buns said...

What a roller-coaster of emotion. You must be feeling so many of them all at once. I guess that explains the crying and happy. When you post your Vlog (video blog) I'll know you're catching your emotional breath. So you went for the gold a year early - the first small step toward being a veteran, right? Meanwhile, nice post!

Anonymous said...

what!? lol you should of shown your video blog:) i wanted to see it and now im eager to! :D

Nehemiah P. said...

Yea I agree with some of the others, my heart fluttered a little reading that. But it's sweet you look to the positive. Stay up.

Life of lelo said...

u should post ya video blog

MalibuMara said...

im talking in the vlog and then i start crying,
it was awkward... ill film a happier one i promise!

Emily Imagination said...

I like your blog:)))

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

awww i was hoping you were going to get it you will get them next time

JustNorman said...

im gonna punch carmen in the fucking face. there is no way im gonna be able to memorize this stuff

keep your head up malibu


Supastarrr said...

Aww there will be a better opportunity! =)

J. said...

So sorry! I want to cry with you! But for all your nerves, you went through with the interview and it sounds as though you impressed her anyway. Great job!

And it sounds as though things could be very promising next year, I'm excited to find out what your next step will be. Where will you be looking for an internship?

Sofie Marie said...

Well...I don't really undertsnad scholarships,or the American college education system...but I can work out that your sad.Which is sad to hear :(
I hope everything can turn out okay and I definatley believe you will be successful,like she said ^^
Sofie X

Sofie Marie said...

understand* I just noticed my speeling error,and things like that bug me. haha

Sick by Trend said...

Incredible the dress of Milla Jovovich!! Who is the designer?.. i love it!! good post! and cool blog! looks our blog and if you like it... follow us!!

XxX From Spain!


Justin said...

Thats stupid! keep your head up.. And this post, i love it!

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