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May 1, 2010

SUPER kawaii X2

I LOVE the harajuku lovers fragrances and today while i was in the mall i got swooned by Harajuku overload!The summer limited edition scents are sooo CUTE and smell way better than the regular ones! They are called sunshine cuties, SOOo appropriately named!
I have Baby and Music regular ones, but the Baby and Music Sunshine Cuties are LOVE!
ANNND i stopped by the jewelry counter BC i was buying my Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland Bracelet... and saw HARAJUKU LOVERS JEWELRY!

Lol at my crappy polyvore.
But yess i love the jewery,
I just added more things to my summer want list :)
I got random stuff today. I feel like i should do some haul posts when i go shopping,
would you watch them?
Is that something you want to see on the blog?
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