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Jun 7, 2010

Happy B-day Mommy :)

Haha its my mothers b-day today,
i bought her these lovely flowers,
took her out to eat for lunch and some new body lotion and perfume.
Yesterday i found this link to shirts from forever21 that were blogger collabs with Danny Roberts.... I didn't know they did a blogger collab?CAN SOMEONE TELL ME THE NEXT TIME SO I CAN FINALLY MAKE SOMETHING LOL!!!!

I don't even like any of these blogs, they're like lame... no offense. i guess.
All of the shirts are 14.80 but will probably end up on the sale rack
I like this one the best:

PS. i got these at Clear Lake flowers for my mom... that place is snazzy!
ohh and P.S.S. I graduated 2 years ago today! Time flies, i remember it like it was yesterday!!!
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