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Jun 8, 2010

I Want It ALL

 Street Style for the Cool Kids :)

I just posted a few of the things I liked lately. Im getting paid friday and want to buy some cool stuff. School and work are going ok... so far. AND TO MY DEAR FRIEND RACHEL, i posted trends for you below!(click read more)  GOOD LUCK ON YOUR INTERVIEW!!!

FLORAL is HUGE this summer, Aldo has some floral sunglasses i wanted but i never saw them in the store :/

Floral leggings and DENIM JACKETS are also a must. FOR US in the south, denim campshirts (like a dress shirt but made out of light denim) are the new cardigan.
FRINGE is everywhere... or will be. It is really great on purses (I HAVE ONE!) and is very cute... surprizingly, i didn't like it on the rack :)

in other news.....

So i have an upcoming meeting that will highly impact my future... FOR THE BETTER in fashion and I've just been sitting here thinking about all that I have done to get here. Its like my whole life I have been solid in working and knowing designers and different aspects of the field and how hard I have worked.
Then I look and see a couple girls from High School who never knew anything about fashion pursuing fashion degrees. Now, everyone is entitled to do what they want... but, stop telling me that you can do what I want to when you can't name a few designers and creative directors for some houses, etc.
If you have never seen any collection from the past seasons why are you trying to tell me you can be a designer or a buyer too? It kind of is an insult to those of us (BC PLENTY OF US) are working everyday doing more that most people do in a whole year.
BUT THEN...I think, I'll kick your ass in any interview so make my job easy, I'll make you look like a dumbass :)
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