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Jun 28, 2010

Project Glam

Well if you follow me on twitter you heard me rant about how I forgot it was happening!
I really thought Project glam was the following week but I missed it. I did have an outfit now that i think of it but i still didn't have anyone to accompany me ( You know bloggers roll in with an entourage) BUT i was able to snag some photos from this event INCLUDING a friend of mine.

Awesomeness after the jump that i wish i was apart of :/

That lot 8 by Chloe Dao tee is 14.99. I so would have bought it. :/

My dear friend from high school AMONDRE! My only real MODEL friend. I know alot of people that claim to be a model but my dear AMONDRE is the real deal :) Look at him? He needs to move to new york yes?

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