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Jul 14, 2010

I LOVE this bag

I saw a purse just like it a while back in grey but it wasn't Marc and ONLY $26!
IM HOPING its still in the little boutique I saw it in... BC I WANT IT. I was going to get it but I wasn't working at the time, BUT NOW I AM, and im working ALOT next week.
LOTS OF SCHEDULED POSTS, I feel like even though I wanted to work on my blog in the summer... I chill in the summer,I like to put in work during the school year LOL. That doesn't make sense, but still.
I think I just have a tassel obsession, my vintage tassel earrings are dope (YES I MUST DO A HAUL POST SOON) they were 1$, I LOVE them but they are SUPER HEAVY in my ears.
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