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Jul 14, 2010

I LOVE this bag

I saw a purse just like it a while back in grey but it wasn't Marc and ONLY $26!
IM HOPING its still in the little boutique I saw it in... BC I WANT IT. I was going to get it but I wasn't working at the time, BUT NOW I AM, and im working ALOT next week.
LOTS OF SCHEDULED POSTS, I feel like even though I wanted to work on my blog in the summer... I chill in the summer,I like to put in work during the school year LOL. That doesn't make sense, but still.
I think I just have a tassel obsession, my vintage tassel earrings are dope (YES I MUST DO A HAUL POST SOON) they were 1$, I LOVE them but they are SUPER HEAVY in my ears.


Justin said...

I like tassels.. lol!

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

Love the purse.

Jevon said...

I'm loving the tassels : P

MalibuMara said...

me too, im so mad i didnt buy that one bag when i saw it :/

SLR said...

Wahahahaa... :-D

Become a my fan MARA ;-)

Jade Purple Brown said...

i cant believe you saw the exact purse for only 26 dollars!!

Renald said...

hey. dope blog
i follow you follow?

misselisak said...

the bags are very cute!

Krissi said...

the bags look pretty

Please follow:

Diana said...

i LOVE this bag! i hope you find the one for 26 :} so gorgeous


J. said...

Love the tassels...I hate when I see something, don't buy it then dream about it only to go back and find that it's gone! Hurry up and see if it's still there! Or see if they can order it for you!

peggy said...


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