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Jul 27, 2010

I Throw My hands Up in the Air Sometimes, Saying Ayyyy-Oh, It will be ALRIGHT.


Today im working 10-8pm.
So I Scheduled this post. I have Tuesday off so i can get back to all the comments you guys left me over the last few days :)
2 more photos under the cut, and more blurbs from me. lol.

Boo having to work forever but I guess its good that I won't go and spend all my money bc I WONT HAVE TIME lol.I went to send my transcripts and freaking San Jac is saying they didn't get it yet when my email tells me that they were sent on 7/22/2010.... Umm, THEY SHOULD HAVE THEM BY NOW! I'll probably call and then go again on Wednesday... They better have it by then or I'm going to have to yell at a few people on the phone. I feel like all my personal issues are being pushed to the back of my mind bc of all the work i have... SO i finally understand the mind of workaholics, and how they work to get away from their lives.We'll for now its cool.
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