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Jul 28, 2010

Wednesday Walking Post

Show me, Show me, Show me, Show me, SHOW WHATCHUGOT!
Lol, this is what I get for working at a Tween Store.
But Demi Looks pretty casual at the airport in Burbank.
Quite a Few More under the cut:

Soo, I worked like 10hrs yesterday.
Im Getting pretty tired, and life in general is like a 5. Lol, on a scale on 10. It seems like nothing is going ok at the same time EVER. Work, love and school are never ok at the same time. I feel like i've had the worst summer ever, or emotionally had the worst summer ever. I don't know how to explain it, but it's been so hard bc I feel like I have noone to talk to about it. So maybe thats why it's taking me forever to get over. IDK. I need to just work alot so i don't think about it as much.


Kiera said...

oooo i love demi's outfitt
cute and casual
my favorite combination

and you sound sad... :(...makes me sad too ha
have u ever tried meditating? that usually helps me with watever is goin on..u shud definetly try it :)
and jus smile chick...a good laugh or smile always keeps me goin no matter the state im in.. random youtube videls can help with those laughs..

be blessed
much love

Justin said...

You need to make choices sis.. And, not thinking about it then its just putting it away untill you cant hold it anymore.. But hey we can talk bout this later, not on blogger lol!

NC17 said...

when things get you down, remember 5 hour energy is your friend

Nehemiah P. said...

This helps me. My day was a lil off. Hope it helps you. Like any song middle to the end is the best in my opinion.

JustNorman said...

I know she's only 17 but....DAMN. I'd say more but I kind a think that's illegal.

keep your head up Malibu. I hope it all works out for ya


Chic Therapy said...

cute look for her

Phoebe Rose said...

That's a great outfit! It exudes comfort and style!


Jade Purple Brown said...

demi looks so cute! thanks for tellin me that they seel the same shoes at f21!


J. said...

I'm so in love with sweaters this summer...that's what I get for living in Texas!

It's hard to watch summer slide away while you're indoors working all day...I'm having the same kind of summer! You just need to say enough, I need time off to just do what I want (beach, shop, be lazy, whatever!) Because darling, you're only young once! Ask for a week off before school starts, you deserve it!
(And if they say no, remember, it's all money in the pocket!)

Buddy said...

This is the first time, I've found Demi attractive lol.

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