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Jul 28, 2010

Wednesday Walking Post

Show me, Show me, Show me, Show me, SHOW WHATCHUGOT!
Lol, this is what I get for working at a Tween Store.
But Demi Looks pretty casual at the airport in Burbank.
Quite a Few More under the cut:

Soo, I worked like 10hrs yesterday.
Im Getting pretty tired, and life in general is like a 5. Lol, on a scale on 10. It seems like nothing is going ok at the same time EVER. Work, love and school are never ok at the same time. I feel like i've had the worst summer ever, or emotionally had the worst summer ever. I don't know how to explain it, but it's been so hard bc I feel like I have noone to talk to about it. So maybe thats why it's taking me forever to get over. IDK. I need to just work alot so i don't think about it as much.
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