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Jul 17, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

Man, my computer is garbage.
I need a new job to be able to buy a new one,
this is crazy, it looks so ghetto LOL,
I opened it up this morning and the screen is like FALLING OFF! OMG,
sooooo, its kind of unreasonable to try to get a new job... BUT we'll see what happens.
I need to make some money fast bc school i feel like its right around the corner and i just need to get my mind right.
I have some ideas coming up with in the next week i'll be launching my blog sale, im selling my old clothes, stuff i don't need anymore. Some things I only wore once, well, most of the things I only wore once. Everything will be less than $20 so CHECK IT OUTTTT!
Meh, its like I was feeling great for a while and was over my bad mood but its never over. Its so annoying.Its more like reoccuring and i fool myself into thinking its over. SIIIGGGGHHHH.

SORRY this was more like a ranting post, but thats whats been on my mind.


Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

Love the header!!!

MalibuMara said...

thank you :)
my last one was boring lol

Cindy / Aka Chymecindy said...

awww so many clothes.

Jevon said...

SICK header.
And I'm still liking the clothing sale!
good luck to you sis : ]

Ms. King said...

aw, sorry about your old laptop. & yeah I like the new header too :)

Nehemiah P. said...

I was once told that that is the ebon flow of life. The ups and the downs. The bright side of being down is the only way next is up!

jemina said...

WOW, you have an ample collection of clothes, amazing :)) xoxo

Vix said...

Hope things get batter for you soon! I hate computer malfunctions with a passion.
Great blog x

FESI-NOIR said...

Amazing post and I love your header!

xx fesi-fashion

Diana said...

this post is great - hope you get your computer stuff figured out soon! it can be so frustrating :/ and i'm excited to see your blog sale! yayy :}


Betty Gaeta said...

Your PC is fall?!? Oh my ...
Your blog is great! Congrats.
Have a lovely week.

J. said...

Sorry about the computer...such a pain! Yet so necessary! And yes, your header is great!

Justin said...

I want a Macbook.. lol.. But cool that ur going to do ur blog sale!

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