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Jul 17, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

Man, my computer is garbage.
I need a new job to be able to buy a new one,
this is crazy, it looks so ghetto LOL,
I opened it up this morning and the screen is like FALLING OFF! OMG,
sooooo, its kind of unreasonable to try to get a new job... BUT we'll see what happens.
I need to make some money fast bc school i feel like its right around the corner and i just need to get my mind right.
I have some ideas coming up with in the next week i'll be launching my blog sale, im selling my old clothes, stuff i don't need anymore. Some things I only wore once, well, most of the things I only wore once. Everything will be less than $20 so CHECK IT OUTTTT!
Meh, its like I was feeling great for a while and was over my bad mood but its never over. Its so annoying.Its more like reoccuring and i fool myself into thinking its over. SIIIGGGGHHHH.

SORRY this was more like a ranting post, but thats whats been on my mind.
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