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Aug 31, 2010

ASOS in my (Imaginary) Style Closet

SOMETHING NEW I wanted to do is a top 9 list at one of my favorite stores.
I have been looking for something EPIC to wear to fashion night out in a little over a week... SEPTEMBER 10TH!!! Mark your calendars if you have not... PSH. It will be fun for me (I THINK) Because it is Houston's first! There are alot of firsts this year because we also have our own fashion week in October!

BUT Anywho, My top 9 from ASOS.COM are items that channel some trends that I want to lean towards for these events. There are alot of trends out there but we will see what I come up with on SEPTEMBER 10th :)


I think i have an outfit in my head now that i am done and it is nothing like these HAHA! So IS LIFE...
The first Fashion Club Meeting and Fashion Club Meeting is tomorrow! I forgot as historian I have to take photos soooooo I MIGHT blog a few, it depends on how boring everything will be hahaha!
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