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Aug 30, 2010

If You Feel Like A Misunderstood Genius, it Might be Because You Are Not a Genius.

As you may know I was reading "101 Things I Learned In Fashion School."  I LOVE IT, being as though I AM in fashion school, I am learning a few of these things, but I feel the insight in the book is cute and very easy for someone who is interested in fashion to understand and read.
It is A minibook with 101 words of advice ranging from production to actual physicality and application of apparel.

The best overused advice in Life^

In other news. Im pretty excited for the things happening at school, and awkwardly, me walking in a fashion show... That was random. I only wanted to help but oh well. I think its next week... More news on Wednesday about it though! I also have a ton of mini projects im working on sooo I think this year is going to be great :)


Unknown said...

glad your having fun this semester, but then when isnt fashion school not fun lol


MalibuMara said...

LOL in dr.griggs class
hahaha... but thank you
its still the beginning i'll probably complain about it later.

Fashion Wh0re said...

damn this book look good I need to go check that out..I see you almost got 1000 followers girl congrats i'm tryna get like you(tryna reach atleast 500 tho)haha

The Fashion Wh0re

Planet Koda said...

Yeee, glad its going good!

Great post as usual! (:

Panty Buns said...

The title of this blog post made me laugh. Then i thought about it. i take myself way too seriously. The title and first sentence of page 33 of that book (about Hiroshima) made feel sick, but a blog post i read at AlphaBetaChic did have a photo of a beautiful Kimono from Japan. It is a beautiful design.
You walked in a fashion show? Fantastic! Good luck with your ton of mini projects and the year.

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

That seems really cool actually

misselisak said...

That's really great hun! Live it up!!!

Justin said...

That book seems dope! And I wanna see photo's if you do walk that fashion show!! lol

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