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Aug 30, 2010

If You Feel Like A Misunderstood Genius, it Might be Because You Are Not a Genius.

As you may know I was reading "101 Things I Learned In Fashion School."  I LOVE IT, being as though I AM in fashion school, I am learning a few of these things, but I feel the insight in the book is cute and very easy for someone who is interested in fashion to understand and read.
It is A minibook with 101 words of advice ranging from production to actual physicality and application of apparel.

The best overused advice in Life^

In other news. Im pretty excited for the things happening at school, and awkwardly, me walking in a fashion show... That was random. I only wanted to help but oh well. I think its next week... More news on Wednesday about it though! I also have a ton of mini projects im working on sooo I think this year is going to be great :)
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