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Aug 16, 2010

Emily Blunt and Lace on the Cover of ElleUK

Photo on the left IS LOVE.

Well, this Sunday I'll be moving back to Huntsville and I'm kinda excited! I feel more inspired on my own AND I'll be away from the STUPID JOB that I have been putting up with ALL SUMMER! Yesterday was so stupid. OMG. Some people enjoy people talking behind their backs bc I confronted someone with a rumor I heard and SHE GOT MAD? WTF is that? Its like High School! I graduated. I mean, I know Im working with people who gave up on life and dropped out of college to work an hourly wage their whole life, but geeze. Just because your life sucks doesn't mean you have to take it out on other people. Shit. How do you turn a summer job into your life long goal. Really? Not cool. Im so sick and tired of it as you can tell and like EVERYONE is leaving, so I don't feel bad about going back.Im just wondering how long i can go before cussing someone out, LOL. I only have 3 more days, so hopefully I can fight 3 more days.
I have days full of fashion when I go back to school! Lots of patternmaking , trend marketing, regular marketing, and sewing!! Also have a few events so that should be interesting :) I'm also going to start some projects I have had in mind but never thought I could do but I'm finding some ways :) I am hoping I have a better school year than I did summer.
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