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Sep 17, 2010

Friday Inspiration

So, yesterday my package from Marc Jacobs came in. I died, I bought a frame, and it is currently on my desk. It was going on the wall above my bed, but I like it on my desk. It is so inspirational to me.

A lot of people probably won't understand this but 10 years ago, the one person who inspired me to start thinking about fashion as a career was in fact Marc Jacobs. When i say he is my Role Model, i am not kidding. I am not some teen who JUST found out who he is, I have appreciated him forever it seems. So having this shirt on my desk in a frame is so inspirational to me, looking at the autograph and everything makes me want to work hard so maybe one day I can hand out my autograph on my own shirt and do the same thing for someone else.
But anywho, I didn't do a friday inspiration last week! So sorry, IT WAS FASHIONS NIGHT OUT!!! haha.

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