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Oct 4, 2010

Forever Controversial, Terry Richards

You know how I feel already about plus sized models, no? I don't really like them. WHY? Because a size 6 or 10 is not a plus size. I am not saying this out of spite, I am a size 2. I just think that in America where the average woman is a size 14, why is she always the first to say that is 1)ok and 2) always the first to call someone else fat. WHY DO I ASK THIS? Terry Richardson is under some hot water for his artistic direction on this Vogue Editorial, which is being recieved as promoting binge eating:

It is terry Richardson, quite frankly, I do not think he is smart enough to try to coyly convey "Binge Eating" It is obviously promoting the only thing he is known for, SEX. Hello?Look again.
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