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Oct 5, 2010

The Social Network

I Loved it, You should watch it :)
You probably have heard people saying they're SUPER inspired after watching this movie. OF course you should be, he makes 26 billion dollars at the end... BUT he is also a genius and was a student at HARVARD. Mark Zuckerberg is an interesting character, but I wonder how much of this film is just hollywood drama. He has been saying it is fictional himself but he WAS sued in real life.(PS. the Vtwins are played by one person in the film, and they are pretty hilarious) None the less, every day, EVEN right after I got out of the movie, my friend called me to check something on FACEBOOK. Facebook kind of has been a line in our lives; like having cable, or a cell phone. It is so interesting to see how a dorm room full of boys at Harvard just came up with the idea.

GO see it. It will make you think!
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