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Oct 5, 2010

Never Judge a Person, For You Never Know What They Have Been Through.

Everyone is speaking out about bullying! It is never ok, with all of the suicides it is so sad that people feel so horrible they take their own life. That is never the answer. Just recently Ellen spoke out on her show, and now Style Messiah, Tim Gun of Project Runway shows his story. He too tried to take his own life as a teen by taking over 100 pills! Imagine project runway without Tim! Who  would be there to use all those big words I don't know and say "Make It Work!"?

Just think before you try to judge someone, because if you REALLY knew what that person goes through on a daily basis... You might not say it.
You also would NEVER want someone to do the same to you....I was bullied very heavily when I was young for ... of all things... MY HAIR! They would call me names, make fun of me, mock me, make sly comments, put foreign objects in it... it goes on.Im crying writing about it.OK, im black and asain, my hair is better than most black people, and not as great as white girls... SO WHAT? But back then, I felt tormented... I would cry nearly everyday, and to this day.... I will rarely ever wear my hair down. It seems so silly that just my hair can get me so upset... I cant imagine being GLBT and dealing with what teens do today. It must be awful, I accept anyone for who they are. I just wish that more people would do the same. Words can hurt no matter what magnitude they come in.

But, just like Tim Gunn says... IT GETS BETTER, please be around to see it get better.
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