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Oct 6, 2010

Wednesday Walking Post

Its Paris Fashion Week :)
And Rachel Bilson Looks great... wait... AGAIN, she was Wednesday walking LAST WEDNESDAY! I should just change it to Rachel Walks on Wednesday LOL...
Anywho, Alexa Chung's Flats are to DIE for.

And finally, Lily Allen (no I'm not a fan of her) looks great at Chanel, In Chanel as well.

I posted these 3 ladies because they all look warm but cute! It is getting a little chilly down here in Texas, and yes, I am ready to bundle up and put away the shorts and flip-flops!I might do a post on my winter must haves because I just went shopping for a few items... Ohh, it will be a haul post, Look forward to that one!
As for today, I am in study mode, TWO tests tomorrow!I'll get back to all you lovelies when I recover from my brain implosion!
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