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Oct 25, 2010

Vogue Nippon December

Alessandra Ambrosia looks FAB in Decembers Vogue Nippon, it's not even November yet... But disregard that.
1. I LOVE December, its my birthday month.
2. It is also XMAS.
3. It gets cold. (Yes, it isn't really cold until then, freaking Texas.)

I love gold. Well today was awkward, and it will also be extremely busy, soooo I'll update you all later on in the week, I'm working on a few projects but its going well! I hope you like them!!!


Urban Fashionisto said...

Wow, bling bling lol its a modern twist on Cleopatra Jones. But at the same time it reminds me of Egypt lol

Doni Brown said...

Love the post! December is my b-day month too! Best month ever!


Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Love the editorial, ADL is AMAZING!


Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

Looks great!

roberto syrious said...

love it!!
the outfit are gorgeous!!!
i really love the first dress and necklace!!
super cute blog

i'm following you
please also visit


Amanda said...

this cover is just wow... I want the lipstick =)

allergic to vanilla said...

f*cking fantastic, yes she is...

xo Carlina

Confessions Of A City Girl said...

Beyonce did the same cover a while ago...
I love it though!
And I'M A DECEMVBER BABY TOOOOO! When's your bday, mine's is 12/12 :-)


Mariliis Anger said...

Fantastic pics!
and dont tell me about cold. I live in Estonia, im pretty sure you havent even heard of it. We usually have sooo sooo much snow (good thing) & we have cold weather aswell (bad thing). -30 celsius is normal for us in the winter - now thats cold :D

All the best!

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