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Dec 7, 2010

Street Style Moment

I adore the print on his bag. Not to mention he just looks awesome in general.

I am currently putting together a list of things I want for my b-day. IT IS IN 7 DAYS SO YOU KNOW!lol, I'LL BE 21! whhhaaaaattttssssuuuuupppp?


tina rose, said...

WOOO 21st birthday!!!! hope you have a great time and this post is faboosh. he's gorgeous, the bag's gorgeous and it's perfection in a photo :)



M I N G said...

oH SHOOT, 21. I want that bag for schoooool :D

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

Street style is one of my fave things ever!

Urban Fashionisto said...

love the post. yay for men's fashion. I hope you have a great bday. should fashion-filled huh?

MalibuMara said...

thank you and i hope it is...
its overshadowed by my mom coming home from the Philippines. boo. lol. but im happy shes coming home!

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