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Jan 20, 2011

See You Soon.

I guess i have to stop blogging. This is my last post for a while. I meant to do a video blog, but things arent right right now. SO i have to stop. thank you for reading.

UPDATE: I wrote this post when I was angry :/ BUT I will be gone for about one week. EXPECT a HUGE update post when I do get back. SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS lol. AND KEEP UP WITH ME ON TWITTER, @malibumara


Panty Buns said...

I'm amazed that you've managed as many posts as you have what with having no laptop and trying to prepare for the upcoming semester. Is/are the course(s) you're taking working toward the same degree as the courses you took in the past? Those courses sounded difficult. I'm really curious about the school and the course.
I tend to procrastinate myself and really haven't done all that many posts. I've been meaning to do a post titled "A Briefs Update" and had been wanting to do YouTube videos to go with it. My excuses were that I'd gained weight, was a bit out of shape, and hadn't managed to purchase the colours and styles of briefs I wanted to model. I haven't posted a new YouTube video myself since April even though I did make a short one. They're simple enough to upload but it's nice to get all the tags right so people find it easier. I saw one I liked the other day that was only 6 seconds long (on the post Bosom buddies on the blog Dorothy Surrenders). I should look at some of your wonderful past posts for some more inspiration.

Good luck with your upcoming semester and classes. I hope you find enough computer time to satisfy your desires.

JustNorman said...

damn you Malibu. well any time you need to stop by and use my laptop I got you. I'm right across the block, no worries.


Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

What??? No way!!!

MalibuMara said...

hey, hey, my "while" is like a week. I'll be back, no worries.

Anonymous said...

okay, good you scared me for a minute. Lol

S▲lly♥..... said...

great blog

i follow you, hope you follow back!



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