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Jan 23, 2011

Just to Hold You Over.

Some Inspiration, bc I need it too.

SOOO i feel bad for taking a break and not explaining it all. I will be spending the rest of January doing: Scholarship apps (yea you still do then well into your college years), Internship apps, Job apps, and Meetings GALORE for house, Fashion Club, and Fashion related classes/events. So far I have been doing well with my finances :D Im managing my books well by renting, PS I WON A FREE TEXTBOOK RENTAL! It was awesome. LOL.
(sorry photo is blurry)
ANNND, I got the Katy Perry Shatter Polish, AND some other Pink Glitter color. I never buy OPI polish.... but its my new fave. OPI from now one. LOL, its $8.50 but SOOOOO worth it.
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