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Jan 1, 2011

New Year, NEW... SHOES

If you follow me on twitter, or half way pay attention to me on this blog, you know I have wanted riding boots FOREVER... AND I FINALLY GOT SOME. Charlotte Russe was having a hella crazy sale. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING I saw, but the only thing i allowed myself to get, was the boots I have been searching for my whole life LOL.
Guess how much they were? WELLL, they were supposed to be $45 which is a good price, I would have paid that.... BUT ALL THE SHOES WERE $25!
I almost bought these:
But I went with the brown ones. I think i just want what i don't have bc I really like these alot, But they didn't have my size. They were out of like ALL sizes. I had to go a size up on the boots that I did buy :/ BUT AHH WELL.
ALl the purses were $10 and most of the shirts and shirts were $5. I died a bit, but i honestly was being reasonable and decided I didn't need anything but the boots. IT WAS VERY WEIRD. But good I guess.
Maybe it is a new me after all....


Ashley Williams said...

Those are cute!!! I might have to go on their website & do some after christmas shopping!

MalibuMara said...

the sale is in stores only!
I looked online too bc i wanted more shoes lol.

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Thanks for your comment on the blog. I'm sure we shall meet in the future. I'm loving the boots. Do they have them in men's? Much love.


LOLA FINN said...

I like the black boots ;)

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