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Jan 1, 2011

New Year, NEW... SHOES

If you follow me on twitter, or half way pay attention to me on this blog, you know I have wanted riding boots FOREVER... AND I FINALLY GOT SOME. Charlotte Russe was having a hella crazy sale. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING I saw, but the only thing i allowed myself to get, was the boots I have been searching for my whole life LOL.
Guess how much they were? WELLL, they were supposed to be $45 which is a good price, I would have paid that.... BUT ALL THE SHOES WERE $25!
I almost bought these:
But I went with the brown ones. I think i just want what i don't have bc I really like these alot, But they didn't have my size. They were out of like ALL sizes. I had to go a size up on the boots that I did buy :/ BUT AHH WELL.
ALl the purses were $10 and most of the shirts and shirts were $5. I died a bit, but i honestly was being reasonable and decided I didn't need anything but the boots. IT WAS VERY WEIRD. But good I guess.
Maybe it is a new me after all....
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