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Jan 2, 2011

Things I need to stop seeing in 2011:

1.People who complain about being single. SHUTUP, there is a reason why you are.
2. Tight T-shirts. T-shirts are sold by the bust size, ALWAYS. IF you are not SMALL, you are not a SMALL.

3. STYLESTEALERS, if you don't have style, you don't have style. Buying something "In Fashion" is not "In fashion" if it is improperly styled.

4.YOU ARE NOT FANCY,HUH. You are just a broke bitch who saved up enough money to get her nails and hair done. PERIOD.

RUN and TELL THAT, Homeboy.

(edit, I left out duck face :/ I HATE DUCK FACE TOO, WHO told you to do that stupid ass face in pictures? lol)
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