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Feb 11, 2011

BE YOURSELF, it is only that simple.

Its so cold. I want it to be spring-no, summer!
I will get it and then complain about it being over 100 degrees. AND the fact that I will be spending it in Huntsville, well half. MOST LIKELY. I'm so sad. I have to have 100 hours to do my internship and I have 92. BUT I also have 24 hours of coursework left, SO I am taking 9-12 in summer one, (I need special permission too, how absurd?) BUT I am hoping this is a good twist of fate because, I was being stressed out completely looking for an internship in Houston. It was crazy. AND if I wait, I can basically do my internship anywhere on the planet! I can stay where ever the wind takes me :D SO in a funny way, I am always proved that everything happens for a reason. Now I just have to convince my parents ;)

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