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Feb 10, 2011

SHE uttered, Z Spoke.

ITS Mecedes Benz Fashion Week :D
I just like the feel of a new innovation. New colors, new concepts, NEW CLOTHES!
Fashion is love.Speaking of, the Zac Posen line, Z spoke, is so amazing.
(Tao Okamoto)
(Anna Cleveland )
(Sessilee Lopez)
(PS IDK what anyone says, Crystal Renn looks too thin to be "plus size" eff her weight excuses, she clearly has a problem. Noone just yo-yo's in weight as much as she has "naturally." And Yes, this (above) is Crystal Renn, she looks different every time I see her.)




Anonymous said...
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SOInFashion388 said...

I like this alot!
Zac Posen is cool, i like him since the target collections.

Toni. said...

Wow, if that woman is plus sized, I'm obese. Haha. I wanted to tell you if your looking for internships, I know of a few sites.

Amy Joy said...

They look so gorgeous!

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