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Apr 28, 2011

A Fairytale Wedding

Who else is excited about the royal wedding? Or tired of hearing of it? LOL, I really haven't been following it too closely because its not like I'm invited OR british. I think its really cool though, they seem like a nice couple, and I like the work that prince William has done while growing up. The one thing I AM tired of is seeing them compare everything to the late Princess Diana. Sheesh, they are different people, yea they influence but STOP. They are different , but both influence this post :)
I have compiled a bit of an inspiration post, I have always loved the Union Jack symbol so this wedding is giving me an excuse to go crazy with it again:

always keep it G.

this photo is gorgeous!

I want this bag! lol

Custom shoes commemorating the wedding, only 11 made, I want to dye them pink and walk in them for graduation.


Unknown said...

aww, i think they are so cute together and i love his smile.

I say find some heels similar to those and die them. They will look hot tamale.

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John Panichella said...

When I saw this on Twitter I started cracking up because of the "obligatory" term. I was really contemplating whether or not to write a post about the Roayl Wedding. I mean I'm excited but like you said it's not like I'm invited (I am part English though haha). Anyway, I think your post is gonna make me write one sometime tomorrow haha!

Dream said...

I love the shoes striped sole; It's too cute. As for the wedding, I'm absolutely tired of hearing it. I'm only interested in the dress and in Kanye West's rumored appearance. Oh and Beyonce's performance...

Ynichka-Punichka said...

ммм...какие пироженные)
принц Гарри хорошо получился))

C said...

i love that picture of will and harry with kanye!!

Chay Chay said...

girl it was just so romantically beautiful...I felt like a little girl watching CInderella, just GORGEOUS! They are SO cute together, and I most of all LOVED her sexy yet classy neckline, OMG!
Side Note: I think Prince Harry is HOTTER LoL

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