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Apr 15, 2011

Happy 70th Grace Coddington!

All of my Idols in one room!

He has the portfolio case that I want!

Is this a grace post or Marc post? LOL

Life is going good, SO FAR. I just need to get over 2 more hurdles: Registering for fall classes, and registering for summer nonsense. UGH. I need to make this all work out. Number crunching gives me a few options so its ok so far. I just know that I have 30 hours until I graduate, and I need to make sure that it works out. I can't wait to fix my living situation, even though its for a semester, its better than right now. Life is starting to fall into place, finally. Yay for being organized the past few years, and taking care of my shit. It was all worth it.
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