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Apr 18, 2011

Party in the Desert

So while I was sleeping Kanye delivered one of the greatest Coachella hip-hop sets of all time.
Everyone will not get over the fact he is wearing a womens blouse. WTVS, it looks good :D

Of course he also wore his signature red. Can we exchange a bracelet Ye?
I wish there were better photos of his clothes, but he looked pretty awesome. Oh and lets not mention that I got invited to a VIP  blogger tent at coachella :/ I can't wait to finish school.

Celebs bring the lookbook.nu-esque style out during Coachella while looking rather satorialist. I give best dressed to my favorite model, there might be a bias here: CHANEL IMAN!


Kenyetta said...

i really wish i was there! kanye and chanel both looked great.

Luciana Carvalho Mendes said...

I love Kanye!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's amazing! Chanel is beautful but i thinks that Coachella it's to party.. so wear flats *


JustNorman said...

First, what brand shirt is it? He just looks so trill
Second, why were you sleeping? I just don't get you woman.


Urban Fashionisto said...

great post! Yea Chanel Iman looks amazing!!

Doni Brown said...

I don't care what anyone says, he made that shirt look even better! Chanel Looks Amazing!!! I wish I could rock the boho look!


J. said...

How did you sleep through Kanye???!!! Anyway, Chanel Iman does look amazing, she always does!

SusuanaLove said...

Chanel looks gorgeous!!!
kanye ricked it well


Sheli said...

i love Kanye! He looked AMAZING!

SC said...

DAMN! Look at Chanel's dress! And her leeeeeeeegs! Stunning! x (Kanye is HAWT. Always. J'adore bad boys)

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