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Apr 2, 2011


Dallas, you showed me a great time. I mean, the whole career day wasn't my best experience... Im surprized Houston was able to surpass it, however, I learned a lot about myself. AND my, do I LOVE the city! Expect a long post about it tomorrow, and a great video of the trip! I'll elaborate on what I learned exactly and ALL OF THE GREAT CHANGES in my LIFE! I should have a reality show haha, too funny. One thing I WILL mention right now is my LOVE for MCM bags. I went for a stroll through the Dallas Galleria (which is lovely by the way) and found the best visual displays I have seen in a while, INCLUDING NEW MCM BAGS at SAKS :D

The cross body on the right is for me!!!!
They range from $695 or $1395 USD. One day I will have one. I remember always seeing them in thrift stores.... Booo my ignorance. And the tan one above that is barrel shaped is exclusive only to Saks! Can i put it on hold.... for like 10 years? PWEEEESSEE?


Doni Brown said...

I'm glad you had fun down here. Thursday was kind of hectic. I wish I could have seen you but, there were so many fashion shows that night, that I wanted to attend. Maybe next time.


Chay Chay said...

you CAME?! to my city?! and I didn't see you?! : (
I'm glad you had a good time girl, and BTW Houston's Galleria KILLS ours LoL...

MalibuMara said...

LMAO i love the dallas galleria way more than the houston one... I think its bc we like something new?
and Im sad, next time girrrlll well meet, ill be back, FOR SURE,
I love Dallas.

M said...

Sounds like you had fun! The bags are gorgeous

and well, waiting 10 years is something i could never DO!
One solution: get rich asap

MalibuMara said...

people who get rich quick get poor fast.

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