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Apr 3, 2011

Dallas Vlog

After reflecting on my trip Friday and coming back from reality, I must say, life sucks. I mean, I'm stressed, it seems as if my Dallas trip was a much needed vacation.Now Im back in Huntsville, and the stress of planning 2 fashion shows and a reception, a presentation, 3 papers, and a project... OH and picking out classes is bringing a new meaning to my seemingly "average days."
Career day started with an awesome presentation by Chuck Steelman from Neiman Marcus :D He told us trends for the season and gave us great fashion advice. I was sporting white pants hoping to stand out, but of course white on white is in season so TONS of people were wearing white as a part of their suits.

The above video has a few glimpses of the shows that I attended that day and a small section featuring chuck,

All of my sessions were full of learning experiences. I learned a lot and have to say I see myself living in Dallas. Im glad I have worked hard getting good grades and calculating my time to help make me a great candidate. Im glad I can see how much harder I have worked than my peers and I can't wait to start stealing jobs from everyone not working hard, or knowing why they are. Its good to finally know how things are going to work out, in that realm....

The fashion show planning is going horrible. I feel like im not going to ever work with one of the organizations again, but this career services one is going to be good since it is planned out very well. The one organization that keeps moving the dates and never having time to plan is going to look so thrown together, its sad almost. I just spent like 30$ of gift bag stuff for it and I seriously want to return it all, or at least get it out of my room. Its emitting negative energy, do I need to further remit that I need to write a paper?
I should get started, hope you enjoyed this video :D hahaha


Unknown said...

lol the video is soo funny!
Love your sunglasses

I totally know how it feels to know that you've worked harder than the rest of your peers im going through that right now and its like a high of education? lol

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JustNorman said...



MalibuMara said...

LMAO, we're all in the fashion club :D
shes cool!

Kenyetta said...

I felt the same when i came back from my california trip. It was an eye opening experience that made me realize that where i live isnt exactly the right spot for me. But good luck with everything!

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