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May 13, 2011

Feather Fanatic+ Vlog

We are all familiar with this feather extension trend. I caught on in December but no salons around me knew how to do it, so I gave up.
NOW that salons know how, they are out, and/or don't have the colors I want. BOO, if youa re looking for some, EBAY is a good way to order in bulk! Just remember, they don't look good on everyone! You have to be somewhat fashionable to rock them, I'm a fashion major so most of the girls have them, and they look great!
I kind of want some red or orange ones! Im waiting until I dye my hair to put some in :)
If this trend is a little old or something you don't like, feathers are everywhere! The other cool way to wear them is as an EAR CUFF:

they're avaliable at http://annijyrgenson.bigcartel.com/
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